Sunday 28 August: Ride – Regent’s Park Laps with Barnet Cyclists

A chance to try out riding in a peloton with Barnet Cyclists, with a ride to this popular cycling destination. Limit of 12 riders. Average 11 mph pace, approx. 30 miles/48km. Moderately hilly on return route to Barnet, some rapid descents down into Regent’s Park, brief refreshments. 

If you’ve never ridden in a peloton before, please read up beforehand and inform yourself about riding positions and signalling. This will be a basic introduction and we’ll take it easy, but let’s try not to have any crashes!

If you’re an aficionado, why not come along and help your fellow Barnet Cyclists learn the ropes? A fun day out, something different.

You must book this event using Eventbrite – see link below. Because there is a limit on rider numbers, you must let us know if you need to cancel, otherwise someone else could miss out. The number to text will be on your ticket.

We can only take riders over 18 years old on this ride.


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