Newsletter June 2018

Ride reports and photos from the evening ride
and the Kings Lynn weekend
Bike Week ride
Next meeting – bike clothing, Aldi or Rapha?

This is the last one newsletter to go out in a printed format as well
Huge thanks to the McKenzie family for doing most of the work on the paper version of the newsletter. I’ve only put it together, they have done most of the leg work.

Newsletter June 2108

Newsletter May 2018

Next meeting – Basic Bike Maintenance.
A small bit of work can do so much – do you know what pressure your tyres should be at? How can you find out?
Hands-on session, bring your bike.

Barnes Wetland Centre and first Evening rides.

Newsletter May 2018

Malcolm’s ride: 21st January 2018

Where were the Barnet cyclists for Malcolm’s ride on Sunday 21st January?!!

Admittedly the forecast was for rain and snow all day but that failed to deter four crazy cyclists who managed the whole way to Hatfield. Armed with Malcolm style plastic bags on my feet, I arrived at our usual place expecting three or four and found only Jonathan. Then Malcolm turned up (plus bags on feet) followed by Pat, from central London CTC who had been told about the ride from John Silvertown.

We set off in the rain from north Finchley, taking the usual route up Barnet Hill to the Spires. The crowd waiting there was zero cyclists. So we continued on our way, over the horse bridge and on to the truck stop for a chance to get out of the rain and sleet. The café was closed so we had to make do with the coffee machine and Brexit conversation/battles!!

Malcolm kept telling us ‘it’ would get better but while we were there the rain turned properly to sleet and then, as we set off again, to snow. (It turned out he meant either that the weather would turn to proper snow or that it would get better at 9.00pm at night). We duly followed our leader trying to avoid the snow and the thorns (from the hedge cuttings) and the slippery slush on cycle route 12. By the time we reached Water End, it was properly snowing and settling and the fields were beginning to look quite beautiful.

Our only event, apart from our cold and wet feet hands and most other body parts, was Pat getting her shoe laces stuck in her pedal. But she managed to avoid the kind of dramatic fall I had on our last TUAG. Lunch at the Wetherspoons Pub was very welcome although by that point we were too wet to dry out properly and even Malcolm agreed that we should get the train back. So we eventually found the station and Malcolm tried to fix the electric fire in the tiny station waiting room. But to no avail. All in all though it was a fun day – hope you agree Jonathan – and we all managed to get home safely.

Alison A, Jan 21st 2018.