Riding in a group


On any ride where there is a nominated leader we ask everyone to adopt the following:

Always ride behind the ride leader, unless they wave you on. Then wait at a suitable point ahead.

Ride leaders make sure it is safe before waving riders on and keep this to a minimum.


Do not crowd around the ride leader. This makes it difficult for them to check behind and control the ride, so keep a good distance from the ride leader.

Keep checking the rider behind is following you. This is even more important at junctions. If you can’t see the rider behind then stop in a safe place until they see you.

Keep in single file most of the time.  This is safest for everyone and makes it easier for cars to pass us. If you hear the call “Car ” move as close as you safely can to the side of the road.

Leave gaps. If there is a group of 6 riders in front of you, drop back to open gaps of a couple of car lengths to facilitate overtaking in two or more steps.

Do not get behind the backstop. Doing this could mean we lose you. If you want to leave the ride tell the backstop.

Let’s all follow this simple guide.

Enjoy your Ride!


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