Get Cycling

We are part of London Cycling Campaign (LCC) and they have lots of really useful advice to get you started and cycling during the coronavirus crisis. Two thirds of all journeys by Barnet residents are less than 5 miles and can be cycled in under 30 minutes.

Illustration of 13 reasons to cycle
13 reasons why Biking is Better (by Leo Cardini:

Here are some tips for starting or returning to cycling in Barnet:

Cycle Training

You will want to have some cycling skills to be confident riding in Barnet and joining our organised rides.

Barnet Council provides free cycle training for adults and families as well as for groups of children through Cycleconfident. If you live or work in Barnet you can choose basic, urban or advanced one-to-one training, or book a family training session.


If you cycle in London please consider joining. Barnet Cyclists is a friendly group of leisure cyclists who promote cycling and campaign for better cycling provision in Barnet. Our Home page has details of how to join LCC and your local Barnet borough group as a member.

You’ll add your voice to more than 11,500 others and over 300 in Barnet, so when we campaign for more investment in cycling, better segregated cycleways, action on dangerous junctions and decarbonised streets by 2030 – you’ll help make sure we create a real impact.

In return you get free liability insurance and discounts in bike shops across London. In Barnet you can join our rides and lively evening meetings. Look out for special joining offers too.

Leisure cycling routes

This is our map of leisure routes around Barnet. We adapted and mapped out some short, easy circuits based on Barnet Council’s Active Trails, mostly in parks, ensuring they were suitable for cycling by beginners and families. To these we added some pleasant, linear routes in parkland and away from main roads.

See LetsRide for inspiration on other leisure routes in the Barnet area.

Local Group Rides

We are not a racing club and all our rides are leisurely. We offer twice monthly mixed gender scheduled rides for all capable riders – there is no need to pre-book.

Women-only rides

Through Breeze Barnet we lead fun, free rides for women of all abilities. They will help you build confidence as part of a friendly, inclusive group.

Local Bike shops

Barnet has several bike shops and some give discounts to LCC members. See our map of bike shops and servicing in Barnet.

The Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme is offering £50 vouchers towards getting that old clanker back on the road.

Safety checks and minor adjustments

Cycleconfident run free ‘Dr Bike’ sessions to check bikes for safety and do minor adjustments.

It’s easy when you know how. These simple maintenance guides from Cycling UK guide you through essential basic maintenance checks.

Money saving tips for cyclists

Money Saving Expert has some useful tips on how to buy a cheap bike, cycle hire schemes & more.

Be prepared

Security marking

Police’s Barnet Safer Transport Team will visit you free to get your bike security marked. Call 0208 733 5570 or email:

Planning your own route

Cycling can be the best way to commute work or study locally or into central London – it’s easier than you may think to plan a suitable cycle route.

Cyclestreets Journey Planner is one of the very best. It will suggest the quietest, fastest and balanced routes from A to B; with illustrated route sheets and an option to download a route file to a GPS device or phone. The CycleStreets routing engine is also in iPhone and Android apps of the same name.

Cyclestreets Photomap contains a useful collection of geographically located photos made by cyclists to illustrate infrastructure features and problems.

Google Streetview lets you check features and junctions on your route in advance. Drag the pegman onto the map to pan around a 360o image of a chosen location.

Transport for London’s cycling page offers advice on routes, cycles on public transport, cycle parking and bike hire.

Commuting with confidence

Commute Smart is a series of videos by British Cycling, covering all aspects of commuting by bike on the roads of Britain, whether you’re an experienced commuter, or cycling into work for the first time.

Reporting potholes

TfL is directly responsible for repairing potholes on roads shown here: and for all of London’s traffic lights. Use their webform to report problems: You can also report using Twitter to @TfL

Barnet Council is responsible for repairing all other roads and paths. Use their form at – you will need to register an account. They also accept reports from FillThatHole and FixMyStreet, or you can email them Provide the exact location: door number, street/road name, postcode, nearest junction.Fill That Hole: If possible, we suggest you also report all hazards on and include any references from Barnet Council or TfL. The map on this site provides proof that a hazard has been reported and is useful evidence in subsequent claims.