Healthy Streets for Barnet

We support the Mayor’s Healthy Streets for London plan to encourage walking & cycling by making our streets healthier, safer and more welcoming. We want all developments in Barnet to be judged on meeting these requirements:

There are ten Healthy Streets indicators:

Healthy Streets Check

Pedestrians from all walks of life
London’s streets should be welcoming places for everyone to walk, spend time in and engage in community life.

People choose to walk, cycle and use public transport
A successful transport system enables more people to walk and cycle more often.

Clean air
Improving air quality delivers benefits for everyone and reduces unfair health inequalities.

Idling, pollution and School Streets: Is it illegal to run your engine whilst parked? Is air pollution affecting childrens’ health? How to get cars banned near your school at opening and closing times? Mums for Lungs have produced some useful leaflets and flyers.

People feel safe
The whole community should feel comfortable and safe on our streets at all times. People should not feel worried about road danger.

Not too noisy
Reducing the noise impacts of traffic will directly benefit health and improve the ambience of our streets.

Easy to cross
Making streets easier to cross is important to encourage more walking and to connect communities.

Places to stop and rest
A lack of resting places can limit mobility for certain groups of people.

Shade and shelter
Providing shade and shelter enables everybody to use our streets, whatever the weather.

People feel relaxed
More people will walk or cycle if our streets are not dominated by motor traffic, and if pavements and cycle paths are not overcrowded, dirty or in disrepair.

Things to see and do
People are more likely to use our streets when their journey is interesting and stimulating, with attractive views, buildings, planting and street art.

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