Making Roads Safer


Report to Barnet Council or TfL?

TfL is directly responsible for repairing potholes on roads shown here: and for all of London’s traffic lights. Use their webform to report problems: You can also report using Twitter to @TfL

Barnet Council is responsible for repairing all other roads and paths. Use their form at – you will need to register an account.

Fill That Hole: If possible, we suggest you also report all hazards on and include any references from Barnet Council or TfL. The map on this site provides proof that a hazard has been reported and is useful evidence in subsequent claims.

Junctions and streets

A key step towards creating safer cycling routes is to make junctions and streets  more cyclist friendly.  We have identified some of the worst junctions and other problem areas in Barnet on a map of Barnet Cycle Route Issues.

Let us have your ideas on these and other specific sites where safety should be improved. Email:

Cultural change

The London Assembly report Hostile Streets – Walking and Cycling at Outer London Junctions  shows that a change in culture is needed, prioritising people, not cars, on London’s streets. We look forward to the Mayor adopting these recommendations and investing more in Outer London.