Friern Barnet Quietway survey

Healthy Streets: Friern Barnet Lane, Ashurst Road, and Buxted Road


Quietway FAQ’s

What are Quietways?

As part of these Healthy Streets improvements, we will be proposing to connect residents to the London‐wide cycle network of Quietways. These are quiet routes that follow back streets, parks and waterways that will safely connect you to shops, stations, workplaces and other destinations. They are different from Cycle Superhighways, being much more low‐key in nature, and appeal to people of all ages and cycling experience.

What is the proposed Quietway in this area?

“The proposed route in this area would link north to North Finchley High Road via Friern Park, and south to Alexandra Park where it links with another route to Farringdon. It will provide local quiet cycling links to New Southgate station, Friern Bridge Retail Park and Alexandra Park. It will also support numerous local school journeys. Any improvements that are made will also improve conditions for walking where required.”

CLOSED Monday 2nd October

Why do improvements need to be made to the area?

High levels of traffic can be a barrier to Healthy Streets. Pollution, noise and road safety risks can make them unpleasant places to live. Initial research and traffic counts demonstrate that high levels of non local traffic on these residential streets are trying to avoid the junction at Woodhouse Road and Friern Barnet Lane. The mini roundabout at Ashurst Road and Buxted Road has been highlighted by your local councillors as a significant safety concern. This has an impact on everyone, but particularly on children, those with impaired mobility and people walking and cycling. Wren Academy has recently opened a new primary facility meaning more people using local streets and needing them to be safe.

How can I give my views?

Please tell us how you feel about the local area by filling in the questionnaire online at , until midnight on Monday 2 October 2017.


Many of us will already know these streets, either from cycling or driving, they have been subject to ‘traffic calming’ in the past. It is the ‘Quietway’ that is a bit amusing as these are very popular routes at rush hours and school times. Most of the roads are narrow enough to not allow direct two-way traffic but the usual dance in and out of spaces, sometimes at speed.

The turns in to Friern Barnet Lane can be tricky and there are other points where drivers tend to not look properly – we know them already. SO, are you happy with how this currently works? Improvements? comments or concerns about a route that goes past a school with a heavy ‘school run’? Where the route empties out at North Finchley? The existing rat-runs? Is Torrington Park preferable as you don’t get ‘squeezed’ so much?

People say they want to ‘get involved’ – this is your chance. Please do not stay quiet now if there is anything there you do not like — no moaning afterwards, eh? Not long to comment.

(Remember what one of the ‘C’s is for in LCC? Or do we expect everyone else to do it for us?)

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  1. So are they stopping through traffic? Or is it the usual put up a few signs crap. If so it will be the usual half baked waste of time, tick-boxing, money saving appeasement?

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