‘Dockless’ cars for Barnet?

At a time when neighbouring boroughs are bringing in dockless bikes, Barnet is consulting on the car equivalent instead: https://engage.barnet.gov.uk/floating-car-clubs

They are called ‘Floating car clubs’ and work in a similar way to dockless bikes:

  • A nearby car is located via a smartphone app.
  • It can be reserved and driven within a defined area.
  • The car can be left suitably parked at the destination.

Will this actually reduce car ownership?  Or will it increase car use for those who don’t own a car and would otherwise walk, cycle or use public transport?

The consultation closes on 27 February. It’s an opportunity to ask why Barnet is not consulting on bike sharing schemes.

Dockless bike schemes are spreading into Outer London: Urbo bikes are in Waltham Forest and coming soon to Enfield. Why not Barnet? Have your say at https://engage.barnet.gov.uk/floating-car-clubs

4 Replies to “‘Dockless’ cars for Barnet?”

  1. Hmm, I seem to remember ‘Zip’ cars and vans being around the borough for years.
    More cars in Barnet?
    Is a certain ‘independent’ councillor clapping his hands in delight?

  2. This is more flexible than ‘Bay based’ car clubs, where the company has vehicles in designated bays where they live – a bit like Boris bikes but you usually have to return it to the same bay.

  3. Does the scheme tell you where you can abandon the car when you have finished with it, without somebody, the company initially, but no doubt they will try to finger you with the bill, having to pay when you want to abandon the car in a location, a convenient location, but when only locations with restrictions seem to be available

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