Take action now for better streets for Barnet!

The My Liveable London campaign is now live.


You can now take action in just one minute – click here to start sending an email to Barnet’s party leaders (or another borough’s, if your address isn’t in Barnet) asking for their commitment to liveable streets that are safe and welcoming for walking and cycling.

This is an unprecedented campaign, uniting pedestrian and cycling campaigners across London. Please don’t miss this opportunity to get our message across to Barnet’s party leaders. By taking action you’re supporting Barnet Cycling Campaign’s asks:

  • Apply for Liveable Neighbourhood funding.
  • Reduce the harmful levels of air pollution we are exposed to.
  • Increase safety and numbers of people walking and cycling everyday journeys.
  • Cut congestion and rat running through residential streets.    
  • Break down barriers that leave so many in our community isolated behind their front doors.

What else can I do to help?

Email your Barnet friends asking them to take action at bit.ly/LiveableLondon

Share the same link on social media and use the hashtag #LiveableBarnet

And don’t forget to vote on 3rd May for whomever you think will bring us better streets for Barnet!

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