Let Barnet Council know your views on transport

The council are gathering views until Sunday 9th December on what their transport priorities should be over the next 3 years and looking forward to 2041.

We ask you to view this important consultation and respond here: https://engage.barnet.gov.uk/Transport_Local_Plan

You may wish to focus on your top 3 priorities for your part of Barnet and what you would like to happen. Don’t be put off by the 110-page consultation document – a lot is just copied from the TfL strategy. Look in particular at the delivery plan starting on page 62 and the long terms aims on page 80 to see what they are actually proposing or not proposing.

We met council officials on 4th December and raised three main topics:

  • Strategic Cycle Network
  • Liveable / Low Traffic Neighbourhoods
  • Behavioural Change

You may have other priorities, but if you agree with these here are some bullet points to think about:

1) Strategic cycle network 

  • Vision for straightforward, direct on road routes, radial and orbital
    • Safe space for cycling on carriageway, not footway
    • Quietways can be slow, convoluted, poor quality & unsafe
      • Hornsey to N Finchley Quietway doesn’t cross A1000!
      • Pymmes Brook route doesn’t cross Osidge Lane
    • Start with A1000 Archway to High Barnet & A598 Childs Hill to N. Finchley (see our proposed network)
  • Full TfL Strategic Cycling Analysis & Barnet Cycling Campaign’s proposed network
    • Park routes are fine, but lack ambition
    • Routes straightforward – not intimidating
    • Orbital routes (poor public transport)
  • Town centres and transport hubs as network nodes
    • Cycle hubs at main stations
    • Easy access to secure cycle parking on platforms
    • TfL evidence of economic benefits of walking & cycling
    • Healthy Streets improvements for buses should cater for cyclists
  • Safer junctions & protected space on road, not shared pavement
    • Advanced stop lines
    • Remove left turn lanes
    • See our map of dangerous junctions & other issues
    • Parking on alternate sides of the road, not both sides at once – space for buses and cyclists!
  • Design Standards (LCDS & Healthy Streets indicators)
    • For new cyclists – older cyclists – children
    • No ‘Cyclists Dismount’ signs
    • Continuous (Copenhagen) crossings of side roads
  • Tackle severance from trunk roads and railways
    • Local examples
    • Pedestrian / cyclist priority at signalised crossings (<60 sec wait)

2) Liveable neighbourhoods  

  • Liveable / Low Traffic Neighbourhoods for all residential districts, not just new developments
    • Enfield are getting 36 Quieter Neighbourhoods – what about Barnet?
    • Popular with residents, not rat runners
    • Routes within development areas link to strategic network
  • School streets for all schools
    • Ban cars at drop off/pick up times
    • But need more than this to allow children to cycle from home
  • 20 mph limits for all residential areas
    • Also on main routes with no segregation
    • Average speed cameras – better enforcement
  • Limited motor access; full active travel permeability
    • Dutch approach
  • Secure cycle parking for all
    • Cycle hangars – must be cheaper than CPZ permits

3) Behavioural change 

  • Publicity & education with an emphasis on health
    • Tell us HOW is the council making cycling, walking & public transport the easiest option.
    • Need individual mode share targets for cycling – walking – public transport (with expenditure per mode)
    • Pollution is so bad that 20 primary schools in London are getting air filtration
    • Ultra Low Emission Zone needed earlier in Barnet
  • Targeting parents, grandparents, and children
    • Groundswell of activity on social media on pollution & health
  • Incentives for not arriving by car (schools, leisure centres, etc.)
    • Better than charging for car parking
  • Awareness about idling engines & pollution inside cars
    • Taxis, buses, at stations, outside schools
    • Polluted play areas (Basing Hill park)
    • Reporting system (collaborate with other councils)?
    • Greater enforceability & fines
    • Leaflet with council tax bill
  • Cycle awareness training for commercial drivers
    • Direct Vision standard for HGVs
    • Cycle Logistics & Community Safety standard (CloCS)
    • Construction sites suitable for vehicle safety features (side guards)?
    • Stipulate routes lorries must take
  • Awareness of particulate pollution & road danger from Electric Vehicles
    • Heavier – brake & tyre wear 50% particulates –
    • EVs don’t change modal share
    • Avoid street clutter / obstruction with charging points
    • Lamp posts for EVs only? What if everyone has an EV?
  • Benefits of eBikes and cargo bikes
    • Elderly – hilly – transport children – last mile delivery
    • Mobility aids for disabled cyclists
    • Include eBikes in dockless hire
    • Include various bikes & child seats in a ‘cycle library’

If you would also like to share your views with our campaigns group, please send them to campaigns@barnetlcc.org


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  1. Priority Start with A1000 Archway to High Barnet
    Parking on alternate sides of the road and better use of one way road systems
    Include e-Bikes in dockless hire

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