Reminder – Have Your Say @ Barnet Station Consultations

Public exhibitions at the station on 13 June 2pm-9pm; 14 June 2pm-8pm; 15 June 10am-4pm.

Don’t forget to visit this exhibition today, tomorrow and Saturday this week.

It is the launch of their consultations for the site, and is the first of a number of events being held over the coming months to gauge the views of the community and how the proposals can benefit the local area.

An interesting part of the proposals is a ‘bike hub’ with a cycle shop, better cycle storage, charge points for e-bikes, etc.  Cycling is a key part of the proposals and driven by TfL’s wider brief to switch more people to cycling.

So why not cycle there and give them your 2 cents worth of suggestions and endorsements?  Also get your free cup of coffee!

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