Improving air quality in East Finchley What can we do?

FIND OUT Thursday October 17th at 7pm

Martin School Hall, Plane Tree Walk, High Road, East Finchley, London N2 9JP

Breathing polluted air harms our health, even when we might not feel the effects day to day.  Many Londoners -including in East Finchley-are living in areas that exceed the World Health Organisation guidelines. Half of this pollution is caused by road traffic but other factors such as dust from construction works have an impact. This meeting is an opportunity to get an overview of the problem and to assess what individuals, schools and other organisations and the wider community can do to improve the situation.


Leonie Cooper Greater London Assembly Member for the Labour and Cooperative Party (environment lead)

Pupil Representative from Martin School Eco Council on initiatives taken by one school community 

Spokespersonfrom London Borough of Barnet Invited

For more details:

Organised by East Finchley Community Trust

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