Dr Marta Krawiec: TWO protest rides

Dr Marta Krawiec’s death last week at a known blackspot in Holborn has angered cycle users – and medics, too, across London. We’ve had enough of losing loved ones. We don’t want to keep having to do this, especially not in Holborn. The two protests are well-spaced to keep momentum going, and it’s not an either/or – do join both if you can. 

Protest ride 1: Friday 20 August, start 5.30pm

We’re pleased to support Stop Killing Cyclists for this ride, which will include die-ins. Details on the link below:


Protest ride 2: Wednesday 8 September, time tbc

Led by LCC, this will include a short (but very slow) ride around some of the worst junctions in the vicinity of Holborn. Please put it down for early evening for now, and we’ll share more information next week. 

#DangerousJunctions petition – still open

Please sign and share the petition if you can. 


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