JOY RIDERS Winter 100,000 mile challenge

JoyRiders run rides to help women find the confidence to start or return to cycling. Almost 60% of the women who participated in their rides said that both their physical and mental health improved as a result. 45% said they felt less isolated, 50% started to use cycling as an important form of transport, and 25% said they gained more confidence in other areas of their life.

During 2021 to date they have run 259 rides with over 1,600 participants – across London, Manchester, Oxford and Cambridge. They trained 90 volunteer ride leaders and participated in numerous forums, events and outreach activities. In 2022, they want to run even more rides in even more places.

Although JoyRiders are volunteer-led, there are costs associated with getting all these things done. E.g. it costs £160 to train one ride leader.

The 100,000 Mile #WinterChallenge is JoyRiders big fundraiser each year.  Together, everyone who joins the challenge is trying to ride 100,000 miles between 1 December 2021 and 28 February 2022. They’re also trying to raise £20,000.

It costs £8 for an adult to join – and there are teen (£6) and kid (£4) categories too. Everyone who joins is able to set up their own fundraising page so they can ask family and friends to support their efforts – and support JoyRiders.  You can upload your miles via a Strava link, or manually.

It is also possible to create a team entry – from a workplace, family entry, or a group of friends (or an LCC local group!). If you’d like to get involved, please click below.

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