A1000 Cycleway – Barnet Council Consultation

Barnet Council is consulting on the future of the A1000 cycleway. The Cycleway was installed in 2020 and runs between East Finchley and North Finchley along the A1000.

The Leader of the Council, Barry Rawlings, declared a climate emergency earlier this year, and at Barnet Cycling Campaign we believe that developing safe cycling infrastructure is essential as part of the push to reduce vehicle emissions and encourage more people to cycle and walk. 

In view of this we believe that it is essential that the council keeps the A1000 cycleway and improves it to meet the current guidelines on cycle infrastructure design to fix the current problems with the facility.

As part of the latest consultation, Barnet Council is asking people to complete a questionnaire, which can be found on the Engage Barnet Website here:

A1000 Cycle Lane engagement and consultation – Phase 2 | Engage Barnet

Please take time to have a look at the consultation and complete the questionnaire. We would also ask that people use the free text boxes in the questionnaire to suggest that the cycleway should be improved to meet the government’s cycling infrastructure design guidance LTN 1/20, which can be found here:

Cycle infrastructure design (LTN 1/20) – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

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