Climate Safe Streets Campaign

The LLC have published a short film today to highlight the Climate Safe Streets Campaign with the aim of getting as many people as possible to write to their council leader to demand safer cycling.

To watch the film on You Tube see here:

Then to contact your councillor use this link on the LCC website: 

4th March: Vigil in Holborn

LCC is set to hold a vigil, Friday 4th March, 6pm following another Holborn cycling fatality.

To mark the tragic death of yet another cyclist in the Holborn one way system, the London Cycling Campaign will be holding a vigil outside Holborn Station at 6pm, Friday 4th March. Please gather at 6pm to show respect for the victims who have died at this location. Candles will be lit and a short statement made.

We will be protesting the continued lack of action to deal with road danger at this hazardous junction where eight cyclists have died in collisions since 2008. The most recent, prior to this week’s sad death, was that of Doctor Marta Krawiec last September, just north of Holborn Station. At that location, temporary changes were made within weeks following that fatality. We urge London’s authorities to act swiftly here also – but more, not to wait for yet another predictable fatality or serious collision at such a location before taking action.

At this stage emergency services have confirmed that the latest collision took place in High Holborn near the junction with Procter Street and that it involved an HGV.

The LCC is also looking for marshals to help with this event. If you can help (experience neded) please email

Focus group participants needed

Who we are & what we are researching

We are a team at the Centre for Transport & Society, UWE Bristol, and we are investigating how people perceive and behave in different types of side road crossings, so that road crossing design can be improved.

To do this, we are organising online focus groups (i.e. online discussion groups) in March. Each online focus group will involve around 6 participants and last max 75 minutes. Participants will be able to share their experiences of crossing side roads in a friendly and informal setting, with the help of a researcher who will facilitate the discussion. To thank participants for their time, we will give them a shopping voucher.

Who can take part in the research?

We are looking for a mix of ordinary people, aged 18+, from ALL WALKS OF LIFE and from different areas across the UK, who may fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • People with disabilities and/or reduced mobility
  • People who regularly cycle for transport (including with children)
  • People who regularly walk for transport (including with children, pushchairs etc.)
  • Any other transport users (e.g. drivers, e-scooter users etc.)

What do you need to take part?

You don’t need any special qualifications or knowledge to take part. To join the focus group, you can use an electronic device connected to the internet – we will use Microsoft Teams, which is the UWE-approved online platform. Some of the focus groups will involve watching short video clips and images on the screen. If you cannot access the internet or have any accessibility needs (e.g. BSL interpretation), please let us know in advance so we can support you.

When are the online focus groups taking place?

  • Monday 7th March 12:00-13:15 (only for people living/working/studying in Greater London)
  • Monday 7th March 18:00-19:15
  • Tuesday 8th March 18:00-19:15 (only for people living/working/studying in Greater London)
  • Wednesday 9th March 12:00-13:15
  • Thursday 10th March 8:45-10:00 (only for people living/working/studying in Greater London)
  • Thursday 10th March 12:00-13:15 (only for people living/working/studying in the Bradford/Leeds/York area)
  • Friday 11th March 8:45-10:00
  • Friday 11th March 12:00-13:15 (only for people living/working/studying in Birmingham)
  • Saturday 12th March 10:00-11:15

How to take part

If you wish to take part in one of the focus groups, please send an email to providing the following details:

  • Your full name;
  • Age & gender;
  • Occupation;
  • Place of residence (village, town or city);
  • Any disabilities and accessibility needs;
  • Which focus group(s) you wish or are able to join. We will invite you to ONE focus group only.

New Volunteer Roles at the LCC

A series of volunteer project roles have been added to the LCC website so please take a look and share with anyone who might be interested. There’s a variety of projects available to volunteer on:Help scope and support our work on creating an accessible and inclusive cycling network in LondonSupport our Dangerous Junctions campaignBorough cycle parking projectWomen on Wheels projectCycling in London’s ethnic minority communitiesCycling in London’s LGBTQ+ communitiesSupporting LCC Community rides

For details see here:

Monthly Meeting: Thursday 27 May 8pm

We will start with a brief round-up of what is happening locally and what is happening on the Campaign front.

Then, this month we have a visit from Toby Hopkins from the LCC office who is involved in the ‘Cycle Buddies’ scheme. This scheme connects people who want tips and guidance on urban cycling with more experienced cyclists. Some new, or returning, riders might need help with planning a safe route to work – or might need advice on improving their cycling technique. The LCC would like to have this scheme set up in Barnet so we need people to get involved. Come along and see what is involved and find out how you can help.

This meeting is open to members of the group and our local supporters only. If you attended any of the previous meetings there is no need to do anything and you will be sent the Zoom invite a few days before the meeting. If you wish to be added to the list, please send an email to

Monthly Meeting: Thursday 29 April 8pm

We will start with a brief round-up of what is happening locally and what is happening on the Campaign front.

Then, this month group member, Alison Assiter, will present some ideas for local rides. Explore some of the parks and open spaces in Barnet that you might not think of joining up into a ride. These are the choice fruits of ‘lockdown’!

This meeting is open to members of the group and our local supporters only. If you attended any of the previous meetings there is no need to do anything and you will be sent the Zoom invite a few days before the meeting. If you wish to be added to the list, please send an email to

Monthly meeting: Thursday 26th November 8pm

We will hold our second online Zoom meeting next Thursday at 8pm. The main topic will be a discussion about the new cycle line which is being installed in Barnet. Have you tried it? what do you think about it? What has been the local reaction – from both cyclists and those that have yet to see the light? Take the chance this weekend to ride it and see what you think. Take some pics (good and bad bits, any problem areas) and send them to and we can share them at the meeting.

This meeting is open to members of the group and our local supporters only. If you attended the last meeting there is no need to do anything and you will be sent the Zoom invite in a few days time. If you wish to be added to the list, please send an email to

Have you responded to the Highway Code consultation?

As you may know, the government is consulting on a revision of the Highway Code. The consultation ends at midnight on Tuesday 27 October, so there is still time to do an individual response online using this link:

Cycling organisations have been heavily involved in lobbying to make the Highway Code more cycle-friendly and are keen for as many organisations and individuals as possible to respond.

You may find it helpful to see the comments made on behalf of Barnet Cycling Campaign:

H1] We support the concept of a “Hierarchy of Road Users” giving priority to the needs of a the most vulnerable. It reminiscent of the law of the sea that “sail comes before steam”. We would prefer the term “Hierarchy of Responsibility”.

H2] We support pedestrian priority at junctions and priority on shared pedestrian / cycle paths.

H3] We would support the rule prioritising cyclists going straight ahead at junctions.

Rule 8] Is not well defined. An illustration would help. For example, a pedestrian may want to cross a major road where another road meets it a junction.

Rule 59] People should be able to cycle in normal clothing. We would prefer the wording “You should ensure clothes cannot get tangled up in the chain or in a wheel or obscure your lights when you are cycling”.

Wearing a helmet is a matter of choice. We suggest that removing the word should and changing the clause to the following advice. We would prefer the wording “Evidence suggests that wearing a cycle helmet will reduce your risk of sustaining a head injury in certain circumstances. Cycle helmets, if worn, should conform to current regulations, be the correct size and securely fastened”.

Rule 66] We would prefer the wording of the second paragraph to read “cyclists may ride two abreast at any time, but consider a riding in single file on narrow lanes to provide for passing when drivers approach from behind or in front. When riding in groups on narrow lanes, it is sometimes safer to ride two abreast to shorten the overtaking distance or discourage overtaking when it could be unsafe”.

Rule 67] We would strongly support the advice to leave a door’s width when passing cars. A car door’s width is often wider than 0.5m. We feel that most of the time cyclists should take the “primary position” as recommended in Rule 72 (below).

We would endorse caution when passing on the left of large vehicles due to their blind spots.

Rule 72] We would support the recommendation to take the “primary position” on quieter roads.

Rule 76] We support the priority given to cyclists going straight ahead, unless road signs or markings indicate otherwise.

Rule 82] Puffin crossings should be mentioned as well as Toucan crossings.

Rule 140] Add “You must not drive or park in cycle track at any time.”

Rule 163] We support the changes to this rule:

1] Allowing cyclists to filter though slow moving and stationary traffic provided they exercise caution.

2] Advising a minimum overtaking distance of 1.5 metres under 30mph and 2 metres at speed over 20 mph and for all large vehicles.

In the section on overtaking distances, we would recommend changing the wording from “As a guide” to “You should”.

Rule 213] Amend to read “Cyclists are also advised to ride at least a door’s width from parked cars for their own safety, which can mean they need to cycle in the centre of the lane”.

Rule 239] We support drivers using the so-called “Dutch Reach” to avoid the “dooring” of cyclists and motorcyclists.

The consultation is at and closes at midnight on 27th October.