Fox Lane Plans Revealed

Enfield Council has followed its aspiration for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) with detailed proposals for the first of these in the Fox Lane area, close to the Barnet border.

Under the plans, this large network of residential streets between Southgate Green, Bourne Hill and Green Lanes with have 18 road closures (except cycles), 2 of which will be bus gates. The bus gate on Fox Lane will divide the area into two cells, each having just one entry point for motor vehicles.

The local campaign group thinks reducing those car journeys to a few hundred (mainly residents’ vehicles entering/exiting the area) will be transformational. They expect fewer collisions, less speeding, a stronger sense of community, and a big rise in all-age walking and cycling, especially on the school run. Read more…

What are LTNs?

This begs the question on what residents in other outer London boroughs want for their neighbourhoods, especially for us in Barnet.

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